Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration -How it works

Lend us your photos 

- we look after them carefully 

Scan and restore 

- we scan the original and digitally restore. 

Return Photos 

- Printed (however you want), also  saved to a CD Rom 

Photo restoration takes many different forms

Repair & recreate

Think your favourite old photos are beyond repair? We can remove all of these nasty blemishes

we can also recreate missing areas… and much more!

Dirt, Water-marking and marks

Torn & Creased

Sellotape, stickers, anything added

Recolour & Colourise

Yes - faded colours can be restored and we can also colourise black and white.

Why Do It?

Do you want to pass on your family history to future generations? Then having your old, battered and faded photographs restored is important to you

and your children, grand children and beyond.