Mary always having taken family photos, found photography as an art form courtesy of George, who suggested it as a creative outlet, because it was less expensive than pottery!

In her own photography she is rooted in realism, with a particular emphasis on plants and nature. She is very happy to glory in the landscape around her, whether it be town or country.

She completed the ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) qualification in photoshop a few years ago and has found that for every way she knows, there several other ways of manipulating an image. This means that she is constantly revising the best methods to use for their restoration projects.


George (BA Hons Fine Art & PGCE) in addition to painting, he was always keen on photography, using 35mm and working in the dark room during his degree. He has now rekindled his love of the photographic image and discovered digital drawing.

His photographic style ranges far and wide, including composite images and the natural world. He glories in macro shots of tiny miracles as well as shots of wide panoramas.

He too is very competent in adobe photoshop using it to produce images drawn digitally (usually on his iPad) as well as manipulation and restoration of photos.  He is an equal partner in the restoration work, both in photoshop as well as the decision making process.

Together we are a powerful team bringing a wide and diverse range of skills and ideas making the partnership a very strong and vibrant enterprise.  We feel our photo restoration work is the most exciting and interesting part of the business, giving us a window into the history of photography and people.