Frequently Asked Questions

Can you combine two photos together?

Yes, this is entirely possible and we would advise on the best solution for your images

Can you make a collage of multiple photos?

Yes we can, this can be completed a in wide variety of ways, which we would discuss with you in detail to arrive at the best possible solution for your needs.

Can you print my restored photos any other way than a regular print?

Yes we can, your photos can be printed to a wide range of media including canvas, acrylic panels, even mugs, bags and cushions if you want. We can advise you on the best size and type of media. Even with regular prints there is a variety of finished that can benefit an image.

Can you remove people out of a photograph?

Yes absolutely this is possible, we can remove almost anything that you don't want in your photo.

Can you turn a black and white photo into colour?

Yes indeed we can; we would discuss this possibility with you at our initial meeting; and we will advise what is the best course of action for your photos.

Do you have to send my original photos away for restoration?

No once we have your originals prints, we do a digital scan of the original and then keep it safe ready to return to you.

How badly damaged can my photograph be?

We would be able to give a much better answer when we actually see your original prints; but as you can see from some of the examples here and here we have dealt with some severely damaged photos.

How much does photo restoration cost?

The costs vary according to the severity of the damage, what you want done (eg colourisation) and on what media you would like the restored photo printed.

How long does photo restoration take?

This varies, depending on the complexity of the restoration. 

What if I am not happy with the restoration results?

Of course we will do our best to complete the restoration to exceed your expectations; but if there is a problem we will work with you to arrive at a satisfactory resolution. We always try to keep you updated during the progress of you restoration with update emails, showing the progress of the image.